If I have Tableau, Cognos, Business Object, or similar BI tools on top of Netezza, will these still work?

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Depending on your technology stack, the new converted environment may allow running the same BI tools. However, the Impetus Workload Migration accelerators may automatically alter the underlying queries to ensure minimal end-user impact.

The Impetus Workload Migration Solution also supports the migration of Oracle Web Report, SSRS, and other reporting tools to modern Agile BI tools like Tableau along with the Netezza migration.

Impetus sets up the data access based on the consumer’s behavior patterns such as the following:

  • Data access tools such as Spark, Hive JDBC, and ODBC

  • BI and analytical tools such as Tableau and SAS

  • Ad hoc querying tools such as Hue, Zeppelin, JDBC, and ODBC

  • Sub-second BI response tools such as Kyvos Insights

  • Interactive/search/discovery applications such as HBase, Phoenix, Solr, and more.

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