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Streaming Analytics for IoT with Apache Spark

Modern IoT operations can drive digital transformation by analyzing the unprecedented amounts of data generated from devices and sensors in real-time.

Apache Spark is a widely used stream processing engine for real-time IoT applications. Spark streaming offers a rich set of APIs in the areas of ingestion, cloud integration, multi-source joins, blending streams with static data, time-window aggregations, transformations, data cleansing, and strong support for machine learning and predictive analytics.  
Join Anand Venugopal, AVP & Business Head, StreamAnalytix and Sameer Bhide, Senior Solutions Architect, StreamAnalytix to learn about the rapid development and operationalization of real-time IoT applications covering an end-to-end flow of ingest, insight, action, and feedback.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Generic IoT application blueprint
  • Case studies on IoT applications built on Apache Spark – connected car and industrial IoT
  • Demonstration of an easy, visual approach to building IoT Spark apps


Anand Venugopal,

AVP & Business Head, StreamAnalytix

Anand is a techno-business leader at Impetus Technologies providing product strategy, product marketing and sales leadership for the StreamAnalytix business at Impetus. He is focused on evangelizing and delivering real business value from big data and fast data analytics to Fortune 1000 enterprises. Having spoken at numerous big data conferences on a range of topics including big data use cases, ROI, real-time streaming analytics, enterprise big data bus – Anand is a well-known thought leader in the big data ecosystem. He brings 22+ years of software technology, architecture and go-to-market experience in hi-tech, telecom, mobile, gaming and enterprise big data and analytics systems to enrich his speaking engagements.

Sameer Bhide,

Senior Solutions Architect, StreamAnalytix

Sameer is a Senior Solutions Architect at StreamAnalytix where he leads the product engineering efforts. He is responsible for analyzing complex engineering and business challenges to devise appropriate solutions. His areas of expertise include big data, cloud computing, and advanced analytics.

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