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Instantly Convert Teradata ETL and EDW to Spark – On Cloud or On-premise

Teradata has been a popular choice for analytical data processing. As data complexity increases, more and more enterprises need the flexibility and scalability advantages of ‘modern data architecture’ technologies. The sophisticated algorithmic and statistical analytics, and interoperability, would also enable businesses to handle vast and complex data at high speeds.

But the challenges and risks involved in an enterprise data warehouse transformation are well known. Impetus Workload Transformation solution is the only 100% cloud ready solution to assess, migrate, and validate your complex data transformation and analytical workloads from Teradata to modern open systems such as Spark, Hive or Scala. Find out how your enterprise can ensure a swift move to big data / cloud using an automation based EDW transformation solution.

Join our upcoming webinar where our modern data architecture experts will talk about:

  • Using automation to identify the candidate workloads to migrate
  • Building a prioritized EDW conversion roadmap based on cost, performance, and business objectives
  • Devising an effective offload strategy to a scalable data architecture
  • Rapidly transforming complex business logic and code (with UDFs) using automation


Hari Kodakalla

Director Big Data Strategy

Barry Tuthill

VP Field Operations

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