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The Business Impact of Fast Data Analytics

The promise of big data is greater than ever before due to an explosion in the number and variety of data sources. This has caused a shift from traditional structured, and batch or periodic data warehouse environments to today’s more complex combination of structured with semi & unstructured data, along with the requirement to apply analytics in real-time. To determine how best to deliver on the full promise of this opportunity, enterprises today have to sort through an often confusing array of commercial and open source solutions.

This webinar will feature a real-world example describing how Fannie Mae worked with partners Hortonworks and Impetus Technologies to develop a streamlined solution to:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of their data infrastructure by leveraging more efficient and effective big data and fast data ingestion platforms
  • Deliver net new analytics capabilities
  • Apply data quality checks and data enrichment at the point of ingest through the use of real-time analytics

Speakers from:

Prabhakar Bhogaraju,
Vice President, Enterprise Data Management, Fannie Mae.

Ajay Singh,
Sr. Director, Technical Marketing, Hortonworks.

Anand Venugopal,
Product Head, StreamAnalytix
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