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Real-Time Streaming Analytics for the Enterprise based on Apache Storm  
Sept 05, 2014 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)

Storm Vs. Spark Vs. Others

Are you tasked with finding the best way to build real-time analytics applications?

With real-time streaming analytics, enterprises can cut preventable losses, gain operational insights, and seize new opportunities.

Leading enterprises have realized the huge potential in real-time streaming data from sources like social networks, machine generated data, log files, click-streams, network, and IP Detail Record (IPDR) data. The opportunity is to get a competitive edge by putting all your data at work to uncover new insights and support high velocity decision making.

By attending this webinar you will:

•       Learn about proven approaches and architectural considerations for building a high performance stream processing platform

•       Conceive / visualize a solution to discover exceptions, patterns, and trends by continuously querying, filtering, correlating, integrating, enriching, and analysing data in real-time

•      Receive technology comparison based on research work and benchmarks conducted at Impetus Labs

The webinar will also provide an exclusive demo of StreamAnalytix.

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