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Accelerating Hadoop Solution Lifecycle and Improving ROI  
July 25, 2014 (9:30 am PT/ 12:30 pm ET)

The huge promise of business and cost advantage, brings the entire lifecycle of any Hadoop-based solution under a close watch across the enterprise. 

Compromising on data sanity can ruin analyses and wipe away planned ROI. Time constrained resources and talent often stand in the way to accelerate Hadoop-based solution development. 

Are you concerned with boosting developer productivity and reducing time to market? 

Do you feel that Big Data projects costs are shooting up due to the time consumed in fixing bad data and bad logic?

This upcoming webinar will present Hadoop solution development challenges and provide approaches to avoid failure at every stage/ role. 

Register now to know more about:

  • A typical Hadoop based solution lifecycle
  • Challenges faced during the lifecycle stages and corresponding work required by various roles
  • Ways to address these challenges in a quick and cost effective manner
  • Impetus Open Source solution Jumbune that can facilitate various roles, mitigate failure risk and reduce cost
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