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Configuring Kafka for High Throughput

In the last several years, Hadoop has evolved into an excellent and mature batch processing framework which handles the volume, veracity and variety of Big Data.

However, many use cases across various domains need to handle the velocity of Big Data that Hadoop simply is not suited to handle. These use cases require real-time responses for faster decision making. Real-time analytics are also needed for large organization who generate significant log activity. These real time systems need to be able to correlate and predict events based on streaming data as it happens.

Apache Kafka is one of the most popular Open Source messaging systems. This whitepaper explores its performance aspects to achieve high throughput.

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Software Product Development Maturity Model

Software product development is a science that goes far beyond traditional SDLC or similar processes in the IT industry. It includes challenges that cannot be simply taught to overcome, and the end result of creating successful software products is never a given.

This paper provides the details of the Software Product Development Maturity Model (SPDMM). The discussion begins with the explanation of the philosophy behind SPDMM and concludes with the details of its various sub‐systems. The paper also elucidates the adoption of SPDMM within Impetus. Finally, it compares SPDMM with other process models, such as CMM, and definitively differentiates the core values and areas of application between them.

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DevOps Process

This document details the collaboration process between our Development and Operations teams in order to integrate software development and operations in the same cycle to achieve continuous delivery of the software.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Scrum

Avoiding Scrum rules can result in a reduction of the benefits offered by Scrum practices. Scrum practitioners need to avoid customizing the practice. The white paper discusses 10 mistakes that one needs to avoid while following Agile methodology.

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Building High Performance and Scalable Applications Using AppFabric Cache

Most applications face challenges related to robustness, speed, and scalability.

This white paper focuses on Windows Server AppFabric, which provides a distributed in-memory cache for applications data.

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