White Papers

Using Big Data Technologies to Enable Social Media Analytics

Why are social media analytics important?

How can 3-D data sources—internal, external and social—be utilized to build a data warehouse based on big data technologies?

This white paper answers these questions and explores the need to build big data-based social analytics platforms for better business insight.

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The Shared Elephant - A Shared Central Big Data Repository

What does it take to build a secure, robust, highly available, shared, central Big Data repository?

The white paper explores the design considerations of running an enterprise-level Big Data repository as a shared service for multiple departments.

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Handling Data Corruption in Elasticsearch

The white paper focuses on handling data corruption in Elasticsearch. It describes how to recover data from corrupted indices of Elasticsearch and re-index that data in a new index.

The paper also guides you about Lucene’s index terminology.

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Resolving the Big Data ROI Dilemma

Big Data is a big deal.

But how do we find, fund, and monetize the best data-driven opportunities?

This white paper talks about ways to resolve organizational tension that may exist between big data opportunity management and financial investment concerns.

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Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews

With the increase in e-commerce and social media, there is a proliferation of information that consumers can access to make informed decisions about everything from products, services and experiences. However, navigating this sea of opinions and ratings can be overwhelming, inefficient and unreliable.

The white paper introduces a solution to perform a granular aspect -based opinion mining of customer reviews using sophisticated Natural Language Processing techniques and a platform to interactively explore the results.

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