StreamAnalytix 4.4.0 release – Powerful enhancements for ETL workload transformation, CDC, Google Cloud support, and more

The latest release of Impetus’ self-service data and analytics platform, StreamAnalytix, offers a host of power-packed updates aimed at empowering users with greater speed, flexibility, and ease of operations. With major enhancements to core functionalities like ETL workload transformation, Change Data Capture (CDC), pipeline import/export, inspect, and auto-inspect, users can now enjoy 20x faster performance, along with many other benefits. Here are the highlights:

Leverage benefits of all major cloud platforms

To help users develop pipelines and host them effortlessly in the cloud, StreamAnalytix now offers out-of-the-box support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This addition enables users to leverage benefits offered by all three major cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GCP. We’ve also added custom connectors and emitters for Snowflake, making it easier for you to work with its native capabilities.

Assess ETL workloads and migrate them to visual Spark

You can now replace your legacy ETL tools with StreamAnalytix. The platform enables you to assess your existing workloads and swiftly migrate them to visual Spark. It automatically identifies your ETL graphs, migrates them to a modern interface, and validates the migrated workloads and data to ensure accuracy.

Create workflows using CDC application batch pipeline

We have made significant enhancements to StreamAnalytix’s existing CDC solution to improve speed and usability. You can now group graph bars based on pipeline runs rather than Spark query time and enjoy faster time-to-insights with detailed CDC application reports that are automatically detected and grouped. We’ve also introduced a new feature that allows you to create workflows using the CDC application batch pipeline.

Import prebuilt workflows

StreamAnalytix now allows the import and export of workflows. You will no longer need to rebuild any workflows from scratch – simply import your prebuilt workflows and all the associated pipelines and functions. The tool also offers extensive support for workflow monitoring, enabling users to assess workflow performance within the same interface for greater ease of operations.

More power to your development team

The latest release simplifies processes like workflow design and offers a more intuitive user experience through innovative features like processor groups and pipeline cloning. Processor groups enable you to create various data processing steps and then club them together as a single function. Pipeline cloning helps drastically reduce development efforts by allowing you to duplicate pipelines as needed.

Other updates:

  • Pre/post actions for channels and emitters
  • SSL support in Cassandra (for channels and emitters)
  • Ability to run workflows semi-automatically and schedule intervals
  • Ability to resume workflows from the last failure state
  • Notifications for pipeline failures
  • Flatten processer for flattening nested JSON and complex XML files

StreamAnalytix enables Fortune 500 companies to build and operationalize data applications faster across industries, data formats, and use cases, with its intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface.

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Assistant Manager, Marketing – StreamAnalytix