Experience the Power of Spark Streaming with StreamAnalytix Free Cloud Trial

Real-time Streaming Analytics Made Easy!

We are happy to announce the Cloud Trial of real- time streaming applications development platform, StreamAnalytix. We are excited about bringing the experience and power of Apache Spark Streaming application development available to a wide audience by way of our platform’s cloud instance. By making available StreamAnalytix on Cloud and for free, our intent is to fuel the growth of the streaming analytics community. This will provide a way to new generation developers, data scientists, and data engineers to build their analytical applications quickly in just few clicks and get them up and running in minutes.

StreamAnalytix Cloud Trial is a fully functional version of StreamAnalytix for everyone to get started fast on Spark Streaming. Hit a URL and you’re good to go. No hardware problems or setup worries. It provides a powerful medium to quickly evaluate StreamAnalytix for your enterprise needs or a proof-of-concept(POC); build analytical applications for your learning and research purposes. It comes fully loaded with features such as built-in Scala Processor, out-of-the-box Data Generator, advance Data Transformation and Analytical Operators, and built-in Data Visualization tool. With this launch, we have also introduced new online learning material to make you familiar with new product features, and help you get started with building your application.

To experience the power of StreamAnalytix for Spark Streaming, sign up for your free trial now!

Anand Venugopal
Asst. Vice President and Global Business Head - StreamAnalytix