StreamAnalytix For Rapid Apache Spark Application Development, Now Available on AWS Marketplace

We are happy to announce that StreamAnalytix, a visual data flow and analytics platform that makes it possible to rapidly build and deploy data analytics and machine learning applications with Apache Spark, is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

Over the years cloud computing has witnessed a massive growth, which is still gaining clout. In our conversations with prospects and customers it is clear to us that enterprises are relying more and more on cloud services to handle their data workloads. In response to this shift, StreamAnalytix has been cloud ready for a while, with deployment options available on various cloud platforms including AWS cloud and Microsoft Azure. Now, the official launch on AWS marketplace further cements our focus on providing a robust cloud ecosystem for StreamAnalytix enterprise users.

The Apache Spark Momentum

Apache Spark has moved well beyond the early-adopter phase. Our customers, primarily Fortune 500 companies, are looking at Spark for data processing tasks ranging from ingestion through ETL and data quality processing to advanced analytical tasks and machine learning jobs. With StreamAnalytix on AWS Marketplace, we aim to further simply Apache Spark application development in the cloud; making it easy for existing enterprise teams to start building applications instantly with basic Spark understanding and minimal set up time.

More power with StreamAnalytix on AWS Marketplace

Rapidly build and operationalize Apache Spark applications: StreamAnalytix offers an intuitive visual interface that enables you to develop and use Apache Spark applications for end-to-end data processing, from data ingestion, data preparation to advanced analytics and machine learning.

Develop Apache Spark applications up-to 10x faster than hand-coding: Rapidly build Spark applications using a drag-and-drop visual interface, more than150 built-in Apache Spark operators, full application lifecycle support, and one-click options for application deployment for on-premise and on the cloud.

Work with single or multiple Spark nodes: StreamAnalytix for Spark on AWS provides you the flexibility to work with any number of Spark nodes in a pay-per-use model. It is optimized for AWS and supports deployment via cloud formation templates. We also offer different EC2 instance options to suit various end-user needs.

Options to choose from:

StreamAnalytix is available in two tiers:

Option 1: A free to use single node version that offers you a full range of data processing and analytics functionality to build, test, and run Apache Spark applications on any single node.

Option 2: A full-scale enterprise edition that enables the use of multiple Spark clusters with no limit to the number of connected nodes.

Just select the instance on which you want to deploy the StreamAnalytix AMI and be up-and-running in a few minutes.

Not on AWS Marketplace? Don’t Worry!

If you are not registered on the AWS Marketplace, our managed version of StreamAnalytix allows you to focus on your use cases and while we handle all the software and hardware management. You can Schedule a live demo and Q&A session with our experts team to know more.

Learn more about StreamAnalytix here.

Aditi Rastogi
Product Marketing Manager - StreamAnalytix