Experience StreamAnalytix in action first-hand and for free!

We are excited about making the power of StreamAnalytix available to a wide audience by way of our Free versions launch today. Click the download button to see what we have for you. It is truly immense value and power we are making available at no cost. For example – the popular problem of streaming ingest into NoSQL plus Indexing is solved with no need to write any code – if you use StreamAnalytix Lite. We want to reach everybody who is using or considering Apache Storm currently to benefit from our current mission of making streaming analytics applications quick and easy to develop and deploy! And for users of Spark Streaming or other streaming engines – our stated commitment is to support Spark Streaming in an upcoming release (to be announced in Q4 this year) in our effort to future proof your choice of streaming technologies.

For more information about the free versions of StreamAnalytix, and to download the software, please visit: http://streamanalytix.com/download.

Anand Venugopal
Asst. Vice President and Global Business Head - StreamAnalytix