StreamAnalytix Releases Version 1.2

We’re happy to announce the release of StreamAnalytix 1.2!

In this release, we have taken a big leap towards developer enablement with the vision to minimize custom-coding. Developers of streaming analytics applications have a refreshing new UI look-and-feel and a rich set of pre-built operators, stream processing functions, and convenience features like versioning of applications/ topologies, roll-back to a previous version and the ability to add and share custom operators/ libraries making them available to the rest of the team to re-use in a modular manner. We are quite excited about this release and feel that we have certainly created a very compelling reason to Buy vs. Build with all the additions in this release.

We encourage you to download the Sandbox and experience the power of StreamAnalytix 1.2 and send us your feedback.

What’s Next

We’ve got big things in store, and we know that this journey is far from over, in fact its just beginning. Next, we’re working hard on StreamAnalytix 2.0 – the next version that will consolidate all our platform features for Storm and make them available across streaming engines by providing a level of abstraction above the open source engine to future proof you from the rapidly evolving technology options. Stay tuned!

Anand Venugopal
Asst. Vice President and Global Business Head - StreamAnalytix