Our Philosophy:

We understand hiring is a mutual fitment process that evaluates synergies beyond knowledge and skills. A shared vision of the future, things that drive you and us, culture, and values are equally important. We know, for you to make a career decision to come and stay with us for many precious years, you need to know us beyond the job description and what’s on our website. We want you to do full justice to your aspirations of growth and learning. We want to empower you with all the information to help you make the best decision. Likewise, your prospective team members want to make the best decision in choosing people they will be spending months and years together in making a big difference.

Please take this opportunity to discover once again what you want to spend your precious time on, as well as getting to know a few great performers from Impetus and see for yourself if you would like to work with them.

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The Process:

We have carefully designed our hiring process to meet the philosophy. It is a series of conversations that provides both us and you with an opportunity to know each other well and make an informed decision.

Our career partners walk you through the current opportunity, learning and growth prospects, our culture, what differentiates us, and what is in it for you. This follows conversations with your potential colleagues and mentors, that focus on the evaluation of knowledge, skills, expertise, approach, and learnability. During these conversations, we spend time in sharing details about the content of the work, the technology we work on, the kind of innovation we do, and the value we create for our customers, all with an intention to help you see if it is equally exciting for you. The process concludes with a decision on mutual fit and the offer.

Helping you know us even better:

With an intent to help you know us even better, we organize engagement connects with different stakeholders where you further get a deeper insight into work, learning, and growth opportunities. We organize a "Parichay" session for you which is a walkthrough of our journey as a company and the vision ahead. It gives you an opportunity to connect with and interact with your leaders, colleagues, mentors before joining us.

We also connect each one of you with an onboarding partner to be continuously engaged with you ,answer your questions and queries and facilitate smooth onboarding.

It’s all digital yet engaging:

The current situation has taken away the luxury of being together physically, but we leverage technology to do all of this digitally and share the warmth and excitement of welcoming you to the family.

Join us to cause a world of transformation:

A lot of bright minds and thought leaders are waiting to partner with you on the journey of creating great value for customers through transformational products, services, and solutions.