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    We want you to be part of our future. If you are a former employee, join our Alumni Community to stay updated on what’s happening at Impetus. We also invite you to explore open positions and refer your friends and family.


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        FAQs for Alumni Section


        Who is eligible for the Alumni Network?

        This program is for former employees with at least one year of service/tenure at Impetus, who have retired or left in good standing, as determined by the company.


        If I have a friend or contact who might be interested in a role, what should I do?

        Direct them to careers page and encourage them to browse open positions.

        How do I apply for an open job?

        You can apply on our job search page and refine your search using location and keywords. You can also apply through other external job boards like LinkedIn job postings.

        Join the alumni Network

        How can I benefit being part of this alumni network?

        Get latest company news/learn more about our recent webinars/thought leaders through our quarterly newsletter. You will also get an opportunity to know about open roles and refer friends for the open roles.

        What is External referral program?

        US Program link (needs to be drafted)
        India Program link

        My current employer is interested in doing business with Impetus, what is the process (needs to be discussed further)

        Reach out to the below alias and share briefly about the opportunity and the point of contact to discuss further.

        For India –

        For US –

        How can I become the part of the alumni referral network in LinkedIn?

        FAQs for External Referrals


        Who is eligible for external referrals?

        • Any individual who is not part of Impetus’ existing employee base is eligible for sharing their contacts of their colleagues, friends, or family suitable for the engineering roles available on our job search page.
        • The applicant who receives the invitation to refer from our recruiters is eligible to refer and earn and is applicable for engineering positions with over 2 years of work experience only.
        • Any referral will be considered valid when the Impetus representative reverts to confirm the acceptance of the referral after checking the authenticity of the profile.
        • This policy is applicable for hiring in Indian locations only.


        If I have a friend or contact who might be interested in a role, what should I do?

        • You can share the contact’s profile and resume to
        • Candidates only referred to the designated email id i.e. will be eligible for the referral reward. Referrals given by any other medium or to any other email id will not be eligible for a referral bonus under this program.

        Can employees of Impetus use external referrals?

        • This policy is not applicable for Impetus employees (a separate policy is in place for them).


        What is the payout for external referrals?

        • The Referral Bonus for Engineering Positions shall be as per the grade-wise grid below:


        • Amounts corresponding to any grades are subject to change without prior intimation. The rights of such changes are reserved with HEG Department.
        • Payouts will be made as per the above payment grid once the referred candidate completes 30 days post joining. If the person resigns within 30 days of joining the amount will not be payable.

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