Anand Raman

Anand Raman

Sr. Vice President - Sales & Account Management

Anand Raman is responsible for business growth at Impetus and driving engagements in offshore product services.

Anand has played a key role in nurturing and drawing new clients to the organization. He has successfully managed client expectations and enhanced customer delight by creating an interface between the user organization and Impetus’ offshore engineering team. Additionally, he is providing presales support to the US sales team.

Anand brings to the table his acuity in mapping latent customer requirements to the technology expertise available at Impetus, to forge win-win relationships. He has contributed significantly towards the setting up of the off-shore business development team in the US and been mentoring new inductees in the US office.

Anand began his career in 1993 as a programmer, developing enterprise applications for large manufacturing organizations. He gravitated to the role of a business analyst prior to joining Impetus.

A Bachelor of Mathematics, Anand holds an MBA degree in Marketing from the University of Indore, India.

In his spare time, Anand dabbles in adventure sports and squash and enjoys being with the family. He is also fond of classical music. He lives in Saratoga, CA with his wife and children.

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