Customer 360° and Campaign Management


  • Leverage big data analytics on new and larger data sources to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior, achieve improved profiling of individual consumers and businesses
  • Increased relevancy of targeted offers and campaigns
  • More sophisticated underwriting of credit card and lending applicants.


Designed and implemented a broad range of big data analytics application solutions for Customer 360° and campaign management. Included in this are solutions that offer new insights based on social, click stream, location based, and greatly expanded time series data. Provides for access to and correlation across both structured and unstructured data. These were all implemented in conjunction with a comprehensive enterprise data lake implementation that addressed data strategy, data extraction, and data quality—while addressing end-to-end governance and management requirements.

Delivering on the Promise

These capabilities have unleashed a number of new opportunities. Included in these are improved offer acceptance and redemption rate of 115% for online offers. Increased overall campaign effectiveness through better calibration of personalized recommendations and profiling. This is the result of improved targeting based on expanded access and advanced analytics on location-based, social demographic, click stream and greatly expanded historical (including seasonality) analytics. These capabilities have resulted in new incremental revenue capture of greater than $77M annually.

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Financial Services


Java, MapReduce, SOLR, RESTful services