ZDNet Coverage- Impetus’ StreamAnalytix 2.0 adds support for Spark

Feb 09, 2016

ZDNet, a leading IT publication talks about how with the launch of StreamAnalytix 2.0, industry is finally beginning to see the triumph of sensible tools over platform in-fighting.

In this featured article, Andrew Brust talks about the announcement of StreamAnalytix 2.0 that now supports Spark Streaming in addition to Apache Storm. Brust elaborates on why the industry needs more tools that bind and simplify the use of so many Big Data open source components.

StreamAnalytix already lets data developers integrate a streaming data engine with Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ as publish/ subscribe message buses. It also permits the integration of HDFS, Amazon S3, Apache HBase, Cassandra, Solr and ElasticSearch.

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