Automate your journey from enterprise DW to Snowflake on Azure, AWS, or GCP


Seamlessly move mission-critical data warehouse, ETL, and analytics workloads to Snowflake


Up to 90% automated code conversion to SnowSQL

Configuration-driven mapping from source data warehouse to Snowflake data types

Fast, reliable, and risk-free end-to-end transformation

Choose between migrating as-is and total re-engineering

Automate, simplify, and accelerate ETL, EDW, and analytics transformation with reliability and minimal coding


Eliminate error-prone processes

Eradicate slow and costly manual migration

Mitigate risk with automation as you scale

Accelerate time-to-market

This is how we make it simple

  • Automated legacy data warehouse inventory and profiling
  • Identify workloads (metadata, data, and code) dependencies
  • Create optimized schema for Snowflake (clustering keys, Parquet format/ file size for S3 uploads, etc.)
  • Group workloads into migration units

Your advantage — Our transformation experience with Snowflake

Key considerations when moving your EDW to Snowflake cloud data warehouse

Understand the key considerations and challenges while migrating to Snowflake, and how an automated solution can help you get there faster and cost-effectively

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Leverage existing EDW investments when migrating to Snowflake

Learn how automation can make your journey to Snowflake simple and cost-effective

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Also supporting your multi-cloud and hybrid architecture strategy on other platforms.


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