The fastest way to convert ETL, EDW, and analytics

To modern data platforms on the cloud or on-premises

Intelligent and Automated Transformation to Cloud - for ETL, Analytics and EDW

No business disruption

What would take a large team of brilliant engineers months – or even years – happens almost instantly. Now you can rapidly and reliably transform your workloads using our automation tools to save time and money.









Automation coverage

Teradata, Netezza 80 - 95%
Vertica 80 - 95%
Ab Initio 70 - 90%
Oracle, Greenplum, SQL Server 50 - 90%
ODI, Informatica 70 - 80%
Oracle Web Reports to Tableau 70%

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Visualize, prescribe and migrate

Visualize and identify what you need to migrate, define a data-driven roadmap, optimize the schema to a modern data model, and automate the logic translation to the query engine of your choice.
Bottom line: The Impetus solution takes the “work” out of workload transformation.

Learn more about the workload assessment capability.

Error and risk-free

Our sophisticated automation virtually eliminates human error and provides validation and quality checks all along the way.

High degree of automation at every stage of transformation

Reads your query logs or source code to perform a data-driven workload assessment that identifies the ideal transformation candidates. Includes recommendation of the right query engine, and support for Teradata and Netezza. It simplifies, automates and optimizes your transformation strategy to a modern data platform.

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