Automatically transform Netezza to big data or cloud

Our automated solution simplifies and accelerates the workload transformation process. We automatically identify what you need to transform, define a data-driven roadmap, optimize the schema to a big data model, and automate the logic translation to a query engine of your choice.


netezza datawarehouse transformation
Self-service data-driven assessments Detailed transformation reports
One-click transformation - data, workloads UI-driven, automated script transformation
Notebook-based online transformation Monitoring, audit logs
Query performance prediction on target Automated metadata harvesting and publishing
Choice of query engine: Hive, Spark SQL and others Extensible, repeatable, verifiable framework
Output artifacts: SQL, Java, Scala, Shell, Python Drag & drop-based workflow
Data structure optimizations

Solution Brief

Transform from Netezza to Big Data Open Source

The Impetus Netezza Workload Transformation Solution reduces the complexity and risk associated with transformation.

Case Study

Netezza to Cloud

Discover how we transformed an enterprise data warehouse on Netezza to the cloud automatically.

Case Study

Netezza to Big Data

Get a first-hand look at how we transformed Netezza to big data open source for one of our clients.



Learn how you can transform an enterprise data warehouse on Netezza to a big data open source platform automatically.

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