03 Sep 2019

Five Azure Cloud Migration Challenges That Can Catch You Off Guard

by Venkat Chakravarthi

Legacy data warehouses are choking under the weight of new unstructured and fast data sources, and enterprises are struggling to address challenges like secure data access, reliable backup storage, scalability, and increasing ownership costs. Moving to a cloud-based modern data platform like Azure can help organizations address these critical issues by providing the benefits of improved scalability and reduced costs.

08 Aug 2019

Is hybrid cloud the future of data warehouse modernization?

by Venkat Chakravarthi

The need for digital transformation is compelling enterprises to move from traditional data warehouses to the cloud. Gartner  estimates that the worldwide public cloud services market will increase by over 17 percent to $206 billion in 2019. IDC  forecasts the global spending on cloud services and infrastructure to reach $210 billion in 2019. These estimates highlight the increasing adoption of intelligent cloud-based technologies.

15 Mar 2019

11 points to consider for a solid EDW transformation strategy

by Venkat Chakravarthi

Making the move from EDW to big data can be daunting. A thorough understanding of requirements, possible scenarios, and processes is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. Organizations must also be equipped to deal with risks such as data loss, and even worse - failed implementation.

22 Jan 2019

Five Important Movements in the Data Analytics Landscape in 2019

by Larry Pearson

Business is booming in the data industry. Investments have grown exponentially in recent years and according to industry experts, the trend is expected to continue. As data complexity rises and more uses for data analytics take the spotlight across industries, the demand for solutions to meet these challenges is expected to surge.

31 Oct 2018

Migrating Workloads from Netezza to Big Data: An Automated Approach

by Venkat Chakravarthi

Manual migration can be complicated. Niche technologies, human error, lengthy assessment phases, testing, validation, execution, and the migration itself – these all contribute to the complexity.

The Impetus Workload Migration Solution addresses these complexities and minimizes migration risks.

15 Oct 2018

Five Things to Consider Before Performing a Workload Migration

by Venkat Chakravarthi

Legacy data warehouse transformation is complicated and risky.  A successful migration requires a detailed evaluation on multiple parameters – including queries, tables, sub-queries, database views, users, applications, target query execution engines, and more.

To help guarantee that your workload migration is primed for success, we’ve put together a list of five things to consider before you get started.

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