Approaches to Self-Service BI on Hadoop

Data Ingestion, Discovery and Enrichment

In recently published reports covering BI on Hadoop, leading analysts suggest key steps to bridge the worlds of business intelligence and big data.

Even though many vendors excel at one or two of these steps, there is no comprehensive offering which addresses the complete process end-to-end.

Thus, the responsibility to select appropriate vendors and make their products work together falls on the technical resources of the enterprise, taking their focus away from addressing business needs. The enterprise is also left alone to fill the gaps between different products which tend to focus on their own area of specialization.  

In this webinar, we will detail a complete end-to-end process by which you can automate and provide an overarching approach covering data ingestion to discovery and enrichment. We will also elaborate on how this data can be made available for intuitive exploration and analysis.

Witness our automated solution with your data