Cognitive Approach to Data Warehouse Modernization

Most large enterprises have major data warehouse modernization initiatives underway. As a part of that transformation, moving existing workloads to a modern big data warehouse environment is a critical step. However, manual workload and application transformation is proving to be complex, takes undue time and effort, and is inherently risky. Enterprises are now looking towards automation strategies to solve these challenges in a more reliable, predictable and error-free way.

At this webinar, we have demonstrated a way to "Modernize Data Warehouses Automagically", using the industry's first cognition based workload transformation engine.

You will learn from Impetus experts how cognitive driven automation can be used to successfully simplify, accelerate and reduce the risk for data warehouse modernization initiatives. 



Vineet Tyagi

Chief Technology Officer, Impetus Technologies

Vineet Tyagi is the CTO and Head – Innovation Labs at Impetus Technologies Inc. He has over 20 years of experience and has been instrumental in spearheading the innovation lab, product development and creating enterprise-grade solutions for healthcare, transportation, insurance and financial sectors. His area of expertise includes big data, advanced analytics, cloud computing, digital transformation and cognitive engineering. He leads many open source contributions that have received global recognition and is a noted speaker at industry conferences.

Dhirendra Sinha

Product Manager – Impetus Workload Migration, Impetus Technologies

Dhirendra Sinha is the Product Manager - Workload Migration Solution at Impetus Technologies Inc.  He is responsible for analyzing customer’s business challenges and mapping them to provide a secure, scalable and robust solution leveraging big data technologies. He has extensive experience in big data technologies and advanced analytics such as BI, hadoop, RDBMS and machine learning.


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