Data Democratization - Unlocking the True Potential of the Data Lake

Enterprise Data Lake, Data Lake Analytics

With the increasing adoption of big data, the traditional data warehouse is evolving into what is now commonly known as the "Data Lake." The enterprise data lake's central proposition is to make the retention and processing of unprecedented volumes and varieties of data technically and economically viable.

Keeping the enterprise data lake as a bastion of data scientists, or forcing its information to flow through legacy BI plumbing fails to unlock its true potential. That true potential includes generating insights by the average business user, and this can only be achieved through data democratization.

The enterprise data lake needs to become the preferred source of truth; accessible to all enterprise stakeholders, and unhindered by archaic processes and agencies. 

This webinar demystifies the data democratization movement by explaining its three main areas of thrust:

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Accessibility
  • Data Usability

It will also look at emerging product categories like data blending, big data governance and SQL on Hadoop, all of which help make true data democratization a more achievable goal than ever before.

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