Modern Data Warehouse Best Practices

Organizations are looking for a cost-effective and scalable alternative to the traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for storing and processing big data.

In this webinar, we have shared a blueprint for a modern Data Warehouse architecture that makes workload transformation from the EDW to a modern data platform far less risky while also delivering faster, cost efficient analytics.

Ready to learn the strategies and best practice for implementing a Modern Data Warehouse? This webinar shows you how to:

  • Use automation to transform data and data workloads to a modern data platform
  • Prepare data for exploration and analytics on a modern data platform
  • Build a consumable data layer for the business user

We have also shared what we’ve learned from enterprises who have embarked on this journey, including an assessment of operational benefits, acceptance by end users, and reduction in time to market. 

Witness our automated solution with your data