The Next Generation Enterprise DW: Delivering on the Promise of Big Data

Big Data Warehouse Evolution

As a big data professional, you are most likely confronting several questions:

  • What are the megatrends driving next-generation Enterprise Data warehouse architecture (EDW)?
  • Is the next-generation Big Data Warehouse(BDW) a replacement for my current EDW?
  • Is there a suggested next–generation reference architecture?
  • What are the key strategy imperatives?
  • What resources are available to help me avoid costly mistakes?

This webinar addresses these questions and is based on recent watershed findings by Forrester Research in which they surveyed more than 3,000 enterprise data management and analytics decision- makers.

All attendees will receive a free copy of the recent Forrester Research report entitled, "The Next-Generation EDW is the Big Data Warehouse". Join our guest, Forrester Research Principal Analyst, Noel Yuhanna, and Impetus Technologies CTO, Vineet Tyagi for a discussion on the trends and directions defining the next-generation EDW.

Speakers from:

  • Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research.
  • Vineet Tyagi, CTO, Impetus Technologies.

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