Planning a Successful EDW to Hadoop Transformation

Automated and Cost-Effective Workload Transformation

What if there were a proven strategy to produce immediate ROI on your data warehouse modernization investments?

You’ve invested in Hadoop, but you still have valuable data and workloads in your legacy data warehouse. You know you need to transform it, but how? Complex data models and code written for the EDW environment over many years make workload transformation challenging, expensive and downright daunting.

What if the whole process could be automated?

Listen to this webcast from the Impetus solutions team to learn how to offload workloads from traditional Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server based warehouses to Hadoop. 

This webinar discusses:

  • Challenges and risks facing large EDW to BDW transformation projects
  • Strategies for successful data workload transformation
  • A proven “Connect – Assess – Transform” approach to produce immediate ROI
  • Real-time dashboards, app deployment & monitoring
  • Time and cost savings from an automated approach vis-a-vis manual approach

Witness our automated solution with your data

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