Success Criteria for Transforming Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

Logical Data Warehouse, EDW Modernization

Offloading enterprise mission-critical workloads from a legacy data warehouse to a logical data lake can be a daunting task. Scale, speed, cost and enterprise readiness are some of the top concerns of IT executives in their modernization initiative.

This webinar can help you address these issues, provide a solution that can ensure the success of a transformation process and transform the legacy EDW to a modern data warehouse. Listen to the webcast learn how you can simplify and accelerate your EDW modernization initiative.

During this session we have covered the following:

  • The right strategy based on skills, use-case demands, platforms preferences and budgetary constraints
  • What parameters to consider when calculating effort / cost involved in moving workloads to big data warehouse
  • 5 key considerations before you kick start your transformation initiative
  • Top 10 issues in manual transformation of workloads to Big Data
  • How can automation help you move your workloads reliably and rapidly?

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