Automatically Migrate Teradata ETL and EDW to Cloud


Our automated solution identifies Teradata workloads for transformation, and automates the logic and schema conversion to the target environment of your choice by using an intelligent translation engine.


100% Cloud-ready      |    Reduced TCO     |     Faster Time-to-market     |     Analytics Scalability

Many Teradata users today want to move enterprise analytics processing to a new open-stack based, scalable, and resilient platform.

For transforming legacy Teradata ETL workloads to cloud/big data based modern platforms, manual identification and conversion of workloads is complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone.

The Impetus Teradata Workload Transformation Solution leverages automation to simplify and accelerate the transformation process with speed, reliability, and minimal coding.


Supports end-to-end EDW transformation (data, logic, scripts, etc.)
Supports open source systems like Spark, Hive or Scala
Extensible, repeatable, and verifiable framework
Faster validation and testing

This is how we make it simple

  • Self-service data-driven assessment
  • Recommendations for offloadable entities and target query engine
  • Optimization recommendations for Big data platform
  • Blueprint for your EDW transformation journey

Solution Overview

Solution Brief

Automate Your Teradata Workload Transformation

Find out how Impetus Teradata Workload Transformation Solution can simplify, automate, and accelerate the ETL and EDW conversion process.

Case Study

Automated Teradata to Big Data Transformation

Read how Impetus helped a leading Fortune 500 bank transition their Teradata-based market campaign process and data to Hadoop.


Transform Your Teradata to a Modern Data Architecture on Cloud

Learn how you can devise an effective Teradata offload strategy to transform your complex business logic and technical code instantly in an automated way to have a scalable and iterative architecture.

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