What are the primary reasons to move from Netezza to Hadoop/Spark?

Many Netezza users are exploring various growth options to achieve greater scalability and tighter integration with their enterprise data lake and cloud computing initiatives.

IBM is offering its customers the IBM PureData System or IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for analytics. For cloud-based deployments, IBM has IBM DashDB. But these are expensive options and carry the risk of vendor lock-in.

Netezza users want to move their increasingly important enterprise analytics processing to a new platform — choosing to shift away from dependence on a single vendor architecture in order to take advantage of the flexibility that the open source (Hadoop/Spark) revolution is delivering.

Hadoop is an open source, low-cost, scalable data warehouse. It also has more capabilities to match the evolving data landscape such as advanced analytics, machine learning, streaming data, unstructured data, and more.

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