Leveraging cloud and data for BFSI: Best bang for your buck - Impetus

Leveraging cloud and data for BFSI: Best bang for your buck

Join TDWI and Impetus experts to learn how BFSI enterprises can accelerate ROI from cloud data platforms by reducing risks and enhancing customer experience

Competition is fierce for customers in banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI). Today customer-facing BFSI companies must continuously innovate with new and enriched services that attract and retain the best customers. Firms need to deploy AI/ML effectively for richer, more personalized interactions that maximize customer value. At the same time, security is critical as data breaches and cybercrimes continue to threaten. BFSI organizations need real-time, data-driven fraud detection and predictive insights to understand and act upon risks and threats. 

Join this TDWI and Impetus fireside chat to learn how you can accelerate return on investment from cloud data platforms to meet today’s challenges, including balancing data management cost control with facilitating innovation. How do you build a secure, agile, and scalable cloud data platform? What’s the best way to leverage self-service analytics and AI/ML to reduce risks and win the battle for customers? We will discuss these and other questions.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Top challenges faced by BFSI industry today
  • How a cloud data platform can enable enterprises to address security, fraud detection, and customer experience priorities
  • Cloud data strategies to support growth and innovation through analytics and AI/ML
  • Best practices for optimizing technology costs
  • Case examples of how BFSI firms achieve goals with cloud data platforms and analytics


David Stodder

Senior Director of Research for BI, TDWI

Rajani Nair

Senior Director, Cloud and Data Engineering, Impetus

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