On-demand Webinar

Build Spark-based ETL Workflows on Cloud in Minutes

Learn how you can visually design and manage Spark-based workflows on Amazon EMR and Databricks with StreamAnalytix

ETL on cloud is more relevant than ever, as most businesses now operate either partially or fully in the cloud. However, there’s a lack of solutions that can simplify and automate the complex cloud ETL process. Moreover, traditional tools are unable to leverage cloud-native services on Amazon EMR or Databricks.

StreamAnalytix offers the must-haves of a modern ETL solution and the ability to accelerate your shift to the cloud. With an intuitive visual interface, StreamAnalytix simplifies building and running Spark-based ETL workflows on the cloud.

Join our upcoming webinar where you’ll learn about:

  • The must-haves of a modern ETL solution on cloud
  • How you can accelerate application development and minimize hand coding
  • How to deploy a cloud-based ETL application in minutes
  • Smarter ways to operationalize your ETL workflow


Punit Shah,

Senior Solutions Architect, StreamAnalytix

Saurabh Dutta,

Product Manager, StreamAnalytix

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