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Keys to ensuring airtight security in the cloud

Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your customers’ data and applications

With 94% of enterprises already using a cloud service, it is evident that cloud computing is taking the business world by storm.

However, is your data secure in the cloud? To safeguard your customers’ data and applications, you need a comprehensive understanding of the cloud environment, data usage, governance requirements, and specific security and access controls.

Join our upcoming webinar and learn how to navigate the security risks associated with an enterprise cloud journey. Discover how to leverage effective tools and services to combat major risks like data theft, unauthorized access, application vulnerabilities, and more.

Based on our extensive experience of large-scale multi-cloud deployments for Fortune 500 customers, our experts will detail the following:

  • Key aspects of cloud security
  • Engineering practices for implementing airtight security
  • Solution blueprints for infrastructure, data, and application security in the cloud
  • The right approach and recommendations


Shirish Bhale

Director of Engineering

Mustufa Batterywala

Senior DevOps Architect

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