On-demand Webinar

NoSQL Landscape and a Solution to Polyglot Persistence

Is your organization planning to migrate to / acquire a NoSQL technology but struggling to do so? 

Does your team need to invest in evaluating many NoSQL options?

Polyglot use of NoSQL with / without RDBMS can further complicate the NoSQL adoption process.

Before making a commitment, it is important to consider the business opportunity and the technology need that various NoSQL databases can support. Technology selection is often governed by the ease of working and APIs offered.

Impetus experts share a solution to these challenges based on the experience from creating a widely adopted polyglot client/object-mapper for NoSQL data stores and also working through the NoSQL technology landscape for several customers. 

Listen to the Webinar to understand:

  • When and why you should consider NoSQL
  • Considerations when migrating to NoSQLs or a combination with RDBMS
  • NoSQL options and APIs available
  • A fast and low cost solution to Polyglot Persistence
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