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Smart Enterprise Big Data Bus for the Modern Responsive Enterprise

To gain insights from data, enterprises need to integrate, transform, and enrich the data stored in Hadoop. Integrating data in real-time is complex, especially as each Hadoop and NoSQL repository often requires data from other sources to make it complete.

Also, the recent development of streaming technologies such as Apache Storm, Kafka and Spark promise faster access to Big Data and the ability to synchronize data from all sources in real-time.

This webinar talks about the creation of a "Smart Enterprise Big Data Bus" with the ability to orchestrate real-time data processing and Big Data flows across various platforms to support a single version of the truth and applications like Customer 360 and personalization.

Listen to the webinar to understand the following:

  • The concept of a smart enterprise big data bus.
  • The concept of modern enterprise big data architecture.
  • Possible solutions to orchestrate data flows and processing across various Big Data platforms.
  • Practical examples for creating and implementing big and fast data workflows.
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