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The Structured Streaming Upgrade to Apache Spark and How Enterprises Can Benefit

The adoption of Apache Spark to analyze data in real-time is increasing with its ability to handle sophisticated analytical requirements and a common framework for streaming and batch. However, most organizations are also looking for "true streaming" features like lower latency and the ability to process out-of-order data.

Structured Streaming, a new high-level API, introduced in Apache Spark 2.0 promises these and other enhancements to the Spark approach to streaming data processing.

In this webinar, Anand Venugopal (Product Head) and other technical experts from StreamAnalytix, will be speaking about the promising developments in Apache Spark 2.0 and how organizations can leverage structured streaming to make timely and accurate decisions and stay competitive.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Evolution of Spark and its functionality to date including version 2.2
  • Structured Streaming - Technical overview, benefits and limitations
  • How to integrate Structured Streaming with the surrounding stack
  • Talent Vs Tooling


Anand Venugopal,
Product Head, StreamAnalytix

Amit Assudani,
Technical Architect, Impetus Technologies
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