On-demand Webinar

Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning at Scale

Organizations are collecting massive amounts of data from disparate sources. However, they continuously face the challenge of identifying patterns, detecting anomalies, and projecting future trends based on large data sets. Machine learning for anomaly detection provides a promising alternative for the detection and classification of anomalies.

Find out how you can implement machine learning to increase speed and effectiveness in identifying and reporting anomalies.

In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss :

  1. How machine learning can help in identifying anomalies
  2. Steps to approach an anomaly detection problem
  3. Various techniques available for anomaly detection
  4. Best algorithms that fit in different situations
  5. Implementing an anomaly detection use case on the StreamAnalytix platform


Saurabh Dutta,

Technical Product Manager – StreamAnalytix, Impetus Technologies

Richa Pathak,

Lead Engineer – Data Science, Impetus Technologies

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