On-demand Webinar

Building Real-time Streaming Apps in Minutes

Apache Storm Made Easy

Enterprises are looking to turn data into business insights with real-time streaming, in-memory computing, advanced analytics and machine learning in their architecture. Companies want to design, iterate, and rapidly deploy new and emerging use cases with fast data – such as the Internet of Things and real-time customer engagement analytics.

There is a need for platforms that abstract these powerful streaming engines and provide an easy and powerful visual IDE-like tool for real-time streaming analytics application development.

This webinar discusses how a Modern Enterprise Data Architecture can serve its customers in a context-sensitive manner in real-time or near-real-time.

Listen to the webinar to get an overview of:

  • Distinguished features of a modern agile enterprise.
  • Lambda Architecture.
  • A real-time streaming analytics platform for rapid app development on Apache Storm.
  • Practical implementations of Lambda architecture in social media analytics involving batch and real-time analysis.
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