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An Easy Approach to ETL with Apache Spark - Visually prepare, integrate, and transform data as it arrives

Executing analytical queries on massive data volumes with traditional databases and batch ETL processes is complex, expensive, and time-consuming.

Open-source distributed computing technologies like Apache Spark provide an efficient and cost-effective data processing paradigm. Apache Spark enables end-to-end ETL workflows for incessant data streaming from heterogeneous sources and overcomes the constraints imposed by legacy ETL processes. Explore how Apache Spark provides a powerful and efficient approach to ETL. Join our upcoming webinar where experts at Impetus talk about:

  • A modern approach to ETL
  • Advantages of choosing Apache Spark to transform legacy ETL processes
  • Easy adoption and integration of Spark based ETL
  • Writing production grade Spark ETL jobs visually
  • Deploying applications on-premise and in the cloud


Saurabh Dutta,

Technical Product Manager, StreamAnalytix

Aman Solanki,

Senior Product Engineer , StreamAnalytix

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