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How Real-time Streaming Analytics is Driving Business Value

Most analytics are currently performed on data at rest. However, the agile, responsive enterprise strategy of today requires the ability to address perpetually moving streams of data or "data in motion". These applications empower real-time decision-making and insight to add huge transformational value for leading enterprises.

As a result, real-time streaming analytics applications and the business value they deliver is one of the hottest topics of 2016. Our upcoming webinar will explore this with several industry examples and use cases.

The webinar is based on our work with leading enterprises and will provide:

  • An educational premier on real-time streaming analytics (RTSA).
  • Comparison of various options – strengths and weaknesses
  • Real stories of use-cases and business value creation with RTSA including but not limited to :
    • Log / IOT Analytics
    • Call center Analytics
    • Churn reduction
    • Business Activity Monitoring
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