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Real-world Applications of Streaming Analytics

Enterprises around the world are using streaming analytics platforms to visualize business in real-time, detect urgent situations and automate immediate actions. These technologies  empower enterprises across a wide range of industry applications and use cases.  Real-time analytics of log data, click streams, advertising data, real-time processing of financial data and transactions, sensor-based and machine generated (M2M) data are a few examples.

This webinar shares insights into the use case, the solution architecture and the implementation in several current application projects:

Threat detection intelligence platforms based on topic identification and sentiment analysis of multilingual email/chat content in real-time at scale.

How a telecom company is boosting customer service quality by aggregating and correlating call logs in real-time.

Web sign-up SLA monitoring and management using real-time log analytics in healthcare.

Streaming ETL and real-time recommendation engines in eCommerce.

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