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Transforming Real-time Customer 360 with Apache Spark

Enterprises have realized that a consistent, complete, and real-time view of customers across systems and channels is the key to transforming the customer experience. However, achieving an accurate and real-time customer 360 view is a big challenge.

In our upcoming webinar, our experts will talk about how Apache Spark is becoming a de-facto engine to overcome challenges in building an accurate customer 360 view and to deliver compelling experiences in the moment.

Join this session to learn more about:

  • What is “not” real-time customer 360
  • Why you should invest in real-time customer 360 now
  • How Apache Spark based architecture addresses the data challenges of real-time customer 360
  • Live demo of implementing a customer 360 use case with Apache Spark


Anand Venugopal,
Product Head, StreamAnalytix

Sonam Sharma,
Senior Engineer, Impetus StreamAnalytix
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