White Paper

StreamAnalytix Lite narrows the Spark talent gap -Ovum Analyst Research Note

Spark has eclipsed MapReduce as the preferred processing engine in the enterprise due to its speed, real-time data processing capabilities, and utility in machine learning applications. However, despite this rapid growth in popularity, there is a lag in the availability of Spark technical talent and skills.

In this research paper, Ovum analyst explores how StreamAnalytix Lite bridges this talent gap, making Spark development accessible to developers and other semitechnical personas who do not have pre-existing in-depth Spark knowledge or skills.

StreamAnalytix Lite comes with a highly visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which enables users to build, test, and run Spark applications with a code-free drag-and-drop interface.

Read the paper to learn why free and easy to download StreamAnalytix Lite is a natural stepping stone to the fully-featured paid StreamAnalytix platform.

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