Scalable, reliable, and cost-effective data analysis with Amazon EMR

Enable massive-scale data analytics with up to 80% cost savings

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Process vast amounts of data using open source tools with Amazon EMR. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Impetus is helping enterprises run Petabyte-scale analysis at less than half of the cost of traditional on-premises solutions utilizing Amazon EMR.

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Enable 3X faster data processing and analytics

Monitor clusters continuously and handle failover automatically in the event of a node failure

Have complete control over your cluster with root access to every instance

Control network access to instances and launch clusters in an Amazon VPC with automatic configuration of EC2 firewall settings

Focus on analytics while EMR takes care of provisioning, configuring, and tuning clusters

Pay-per-instance for every second used, with a one-minute minimum charge

Scale independently with decoupled storage and compute

Accomplish your business goals on AWS EMR with Impetus

Single source of truth from 500+ data feeds for a Fortune 500 insurance brokerage and risk management company

USD 50K monthly OpEx savings with continuous monitoring and optimization

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Automated assessment and transformation of Informatica workflows and Oracle EDW to AWS

~80% auto-conversion to save 50% cost and time compared to the manual transformation

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Enabled 2x faster application deployment with AWS Kubernetes for a digital customer journey experience company

Significant reduction in bootstrap time and API deployment in under 2 minutes

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Automated Netezza to cloud transformation

End-to-end transformation of workloads from Netezza to a modern data lake architecture on AWS

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Your advantage — Our AWS learnings and best practices

Build Spark-based ETL workflows on cloud in minutes

Learn how you can visually design and manage Spark-based workflows on Amazon EMR and Databricks with StreamAnalytix

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The fastest way to convert ETL, analytics, and data warehouse to AWS

Learn how you can convert almost all legacy sources to an AWS-native technology stack (Redshift-EMR, Glue, Lambda, etc.) 4x faster than hand-coding.

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