Navigate the GenAI Frontiers with Impetus - Impetus

Navigate the GenAI Frontiers with Impetus

Boost business performance, create breakthrough innovation, and unlock new sources of growth with Generative AI

Overcome GenAI challenges and optimize deployment

Establish scalable data infrastructure for GenAI

Choose between open-source and proprietary tech for GenAI

Identify secure and value-driven GenAI use cases

Address data privacy challenges and LLM hallucinations

Deploy GenAI applications and integrate them with first-party data

Implement ethical GenAI practices amid evolving regulations

Advance from traditional MLOps to LLMOps for GenAI

Craft strategy and architecture

Craft strategy and architecture

Understand readiness and develop a strategy to deploy GenAI across your organization with infrastructure and compute choices, use case prioritization, governance guardrails, and LLM selection.


Impetus Services / Accelerators

  • GenAI Readiness Assessment
  • Data & AI Labs
Establish a data foundation

Establish a data foundation

Unify your data for GenAI with an infrastructure that is efficient, scalable, and future-proofs LLM deployment and accessibility.


Impetus Services/Accelerators

  • Data Platform Accelerator for GenAI
  • LLM Deployment and Accessibility
  • LLM Data Integration
Implement responsible and secure governance

Implement responsible and secure governance

Put into effect necessary safeguards and balance competing ethical priorities for GenAI that is secure, responsible, and accountable for your organization


Impetus Services/Accelerators

  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • Data Bias Detection
  • Transparency Management for GenAI
Contextualize and enrich GenAI

Contextualize and enrich GenAI

Bring GenAI to your data and augment your LLMs with enterprise, domain, and context-specific information to deliver more nuanced and effective AI applications.


Impetus Services/Accelerators

  • Fine-tuning LLMs
  • Prompt Libraries
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Embeddings and Vector DBs
  • RLHF Accountability
Scale GenAI across the enterprise

Scale GenAI across the enterprise

Design and deploy practices with seamless technology integration to industrialize GenAI operations and application development.


Impetus Services / Accelerators

  • LLMOps
  • App Orchestration

Elevate GenAI for endless possibilities to optimize business functions

Get started on your GenAI journey with Impetus

Explore tailored GenAI services to support every stage of your journey

Not sure where to start your journey?

Complete a readiness assessment and jointly establish a strategy and underlying architecture with your business and technology stakeholders.

If you have a GenAI architecture in place

Transform your plans into a GenAI solution prototype for a proof of value and an accelerated path to production.

If you want a “Show me GenAI” experience

  • Data Unification for GenAI

  • LLM selection, integration, and development

  • MLOps & LLMOps

  • GenAI solution development

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