Automatically convert and rearchitect code, ETL scripts, and business logic to Databricks

ML-based automated transformation to a cloud-native stack


Reduce cost and eliminate risk with automated conversion


Preserve years of business logic, workflows, and execution rules

Prescription-based migration and functional validation

Assess workloads and optimize cost-performance ratio

Migrate and operationalize seamlessly with insights-driven optimization


Efficient handling of proprietary elements like BTEQs

Automated code conversion to PySpark/Spark R/Spark Scala as required

Packaged and production-ready orchestration

Be assured with high degree of automation and validation at every step


Choose the fastest and proven solution for transformation to Databricks



lines of code transformed





lines of query logs assessed

Fortune 1000



Your advantage — Our success with Databricks migration      

20% SLA improvement by modernizing Teradata workloads on Azure Databricks

Fortune 500 global enterprise technology provider achieves 90% automated transformation

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30% performance improvement by converting Netezza and Informatica to Azure-Databricks stack

140 Informatica ETL scripts transformed using automation and operationalized in 16 weeks

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Also supporting your multi-cloud and hybrid architecture strategy on other platforms


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