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New! Launching Databricks Unity Catalog Migration Accelerator 2.0

Industry’s first and only solution to concurrently upgrade workspaces and objects 4x faster to Databricks Unity Catalog

LeapLogic—Fully automated modernization for analytics & workloads

Migrate to modern data platforms like Databricks, Snowflake, and AWS in a fraction of time compared to traditional methods.

GenAI Innovation Labs—Incubate. Innovate. Accelerate.

Be a Data and AI Hero with our revolutionary collaborative approach. Maximize business impact and deliver prototypes in a fraction of the time.

The Impetus Difference

Unmatched expertise, elite engineering talent, and deep industry experience = Certainty Delivered

We boast industry’s deepest experience in cloud, data, and AI, delivering where others fail.

Our engineers follow rigorous product engineering best practices to build applications that stand the test of time.

We deeply understand your challenges and strategic priorities across domains like BFSI, Travel, Retail, Healthcare, and more.

The Data, AI, and Cloud puzzle—Solved.

Enterprise services and solutions that deliver

From elevating analytics to driving unmatched innovation to unlocking enterprise growth with our Data, GenAI, and Cloud services and solutions, we have got you covered!

Our tailored services

Impetus ready-to-use solutions

Automated, disruption-free migration of legacy to modern data platforms with 100% business logic preservation.

Unify data and AI governance with automated and concurrent migration to Databricks Unity Catalog.

Shift to a “cloud-smart” strategy to control rising cloud costs, improve spend visibility, and manage technical debt.

Accelerate unified data platform creation with rapid data lake deployment, unified data access, and intelligent storage tiering.

Navigate the GenAI Frontier

The right way!

Elevate and accelerate your enterprise GenAI journey with innovative, scalable solutions.

Seize your competitive advantage

Real-world engineering expertise delivered

Trusted by leading data-driven enterprises

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Partner Spotlight

Snowflake partner spotlight slide

Build and Scale on Snowflake Data Cloud


Fully automated workload migration to Snowflake AI Data Cloud

GenAI at scale with Snowflake Arctic

Build and deploy a unified data platform on Snowflake Data Cloud with Impetus Data Platform Accelerator in less than 3 weeks

Snowflake partner spotlight slide

Databricks partner spotlight slide

Build and Scale on Databricks


4x faster upgrade to Databricks Unity Catalog

Fully automated workload migration to Databricks Lakehouse

Build a Databricks Lakehouse in less than 3 weeks

GenAI at scale with DBRX

Databricks partner spotlight slide

AWS Re:invent partner spotlight slide

Build and scale on AWS platform


Accelerate modernization with our AWS Center of Excellence

Fully automated workload migration to AWS

GenAI at scale with AWS Bedrock

Build and deploy a uniform data platform on AWS with Impetus Data Platform Accelerator in less than 3 weeks

AWS Re:invent partner spotlight slide

Expertise across industries

From Concept to Deployment


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