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Data Lakes & Warehouses

Enabling first-in-class data storage and management

Data discovery, ingestion, curation, quality & cataloging

Security and governance in line with compliance needs

Self-service capabilities for faster business outcomes

Our services fuel your digital transformation and growth through scalable, reliable data workflows

Data lake creation

Accelerated builds for secure, governed, cloud-based data lakes

  • Scalable, rapid implementation with diverse features, from machine learning to data profiling
  • Unified interface for data access and policy management
  • Intelligent storage tiering for cost optimization

Success drivers:

  • LeapLogic: Cloud accelerator
  • Terraform cloud automation library
Data warehouse creation

Rapid implementation of cloud-based data warehouses

  • Scalable, secure conversion of re-architected warehouses on the cloud with up to 90% automation
  • Workload performance tuning and optimization
  • Cost-effective user experiences and BI performance

Success drivers:

  • LeapLogic: Cloud accelerator
  • Terraform cloud automation library
  • Kyvos: Cloud BI accelerator
Ingestion & ETL/ELT setup

Optimized cloud-oriented workflows

  • Self-healing, reliable self-service data workflows
  • Automated ingestion application with highly automated migration
  • Event-driven, serverless workflow choices that align with business priorities


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