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As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with over 100+ certified AWS engineers, Impetus enables travel and hospitality enterprises to propel their business growth by reaping the benefits of an AWS-native stack.

Architecture consulting

Data platform engineering

Data workload modernization

App migration & modernization

DevOps & Cloud cost engineering

Data science and AI/ML

Get strategic business insights, solve mission-critical use cases, and gain a competitive advantage


Driving the new digital landscape


  • Intelligent data profiling and integrated analytics powered by AI/ML 
  • Automated travel-readiness checks 
  • Customer 360-degree insights to deliver personalized offers 
  • Predictive maintenance and detection of aircraft worthiness  
  • Sentiment analysis of customer feedback 
  • Revenue forecasting to define business strategy

Unlocking business value with digital initiatives


  • Future-ready cloud services for faster time-to-market  
  • Cross-platform mobile and web app development for better user experience 
  • Seamless integration with third-party services (payment gateways, recreation, FNB, etc.)
  • Advanced analytics and BI to gain a competitive advantage 
  • Transforming customer interactions and satisfaction 
  • AI/ML-powered user behavior analysis and personalization
  • Compliance (GDPR) adherence and enablement

See what we’ve achieved for our customers

AWS-powered hospitality community platform enabled business expansion, cost optimization, and improved user experience

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Achieved faster time to insights and transformed business growth with the modernization of a premium hospitality platform on AWS

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Established a modern data platform on AWS with integrated analytics, built-in governance, and intelligent data profiling capabilities

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40% cost savings for a F500 global hospitality chain through automated Hadoop migration to AWS EMR

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