Accelerated migration to AWS - Impetus

Accelerated migration to AWS

Migrate and operationalize your data platform on AWS with zero business disruption

As an Advanced AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with over 100+ Certified AWS Engineers, Impetus can help you migrate to AWS seamlessly, enabling you to realize business benefits with more accuracy.

Zero business disruption

2x lower cost

End-to-end migration

Up to 75% reduced time-to-market

Up to 90% reduction in risk​

100% preservation of business logic

4X faster migration to AWS with up to 95% automation

Rapid migration to AWS

Use the power of automation to create all-inclusive transformations to AWS

  • Packaging and orchestration using AWS-native wrappers
  • Intelligent transformation with up to 95% automation
  • Integration testing on enterprise datasets
  • Capacity planning for optimal cost-performance ratio
  • Performance optimization and robust cutover planning
  • CI/CD

Success drivers

Strategic support for AWS migration

Ensure scalable, secure migration of your re-architected warehouses on AWS

  • Cloud migration expertise for strategy, ecosystems, partnerships, and solutions
  • Proprietary tools to accelerate migration and realize business value
  • Re-architected services that offer cost savings, multiload environments, and efficient governance
  • Cost-effective user experiences and BI performance

Success drivers

  • Prescriptive cloud migration framework
  • Powerful AWS-native processing
  • Cloud Architecture Maturity Assessment
  • Kyvos BI acceleration platform

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Created a single source of truth on AWS to reduce passenger wait-time during COVID-19

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Drove double-digit revenue growth with increased resolution and domain hosting capacity

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Pelmorex Corp.

SQL server to AWS data warehouse modernization with zero production downtime

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Lowered operational cost and improved data visibility with automated Netezza migration

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Migrate seamlessly to AWS with Impetus expertise

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