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Application Modernization

Modernizing businesses through scalable and robust implementation for on-prem and cloud

Digital maturity

Platform containerization

Cloud migration


Cloud-based approaches for accomplishing digital maturity

  • Cloud-native and cloud-agnostic rapid microservices development
  • Reduced complexity and increased resiliency with more efficient architectures
  • Accelerated, scalable business growth opportunities

Success drivers:

  • Cloud Architecture Maturity Assessment (CAMA)
  • Multi-cloud infra provisioning platform

Accelerated operationalization of container platforms

  • Rapid app conversion and development to containers using cloud-native services
  • Fast-tracked operationalization with hybrid approaches as needed
  • Lightweight, powerful security

Success drivers:

  • Container CI/CD framework
  • K8s automatic setup
  • Migration utility
Migration to cloud

Strategic support for cloud transformation

  • Cloud migration expertise for strategy, ecosystems, partnerships, and solutions
  • Proprietary tools to accelerate migration and realize business value
  • Re-architectured services that offer cost savings, multiload environments, and efficient governance

Success drivers:

  • Prescriptive cloud migration framework
  • Proprietary tools
  • Cloud Architecture Maturity Assessment (CAMA) models
  • Prescriptive blueprints
  • Migration best practices and recommendations

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Key pillars of successful application migration to the cloud


Building secure serverless microservices rapidly using AWS


Ten best practices for containerization on the cloud

Choose a lab aligned to your Data & AI journey

Address your desired use case across critical analytic dimensions

  • Explore architecture options with experts

  • Ensure strategic alignment of business and technology

  • Architect an ideal solution for a pressing problem

  • Validate new or refactor existing architecture

  • Develop a prototype with expert guidance

  • Establish a roadmap to production

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